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Group Profile: Contains general information about the group, including the group profile picture, title, and description, as well as the group username.

Group Profile

Profile Image
طرفداران الناز قاسمی 💖
159 (0 online)
به بزرگ ترین گپ عمومی فندوم الناز قاسمی خوش اومدیندعوا و توهین به فن‌پیجای **** ممنوع 🚫به عقاید و نظرات و فرهنگ دیگران احترام بزارید 🚫درخواستی ها و نظراتتون رو تو این گروه بگید😍اینجام حتما باید جوین باشید👇🏻@Elnaz_Ghasemi_fans💗

Summary: A general summary of this analysis includes the period when the group messages were reviewed, along with the total number of users who sent at least one message to the group during that period and were actually active.


Interval 6 hours
Active Users 0
Joined Users 0
Total Messages 1

Message Type Analysis: A pie chart of the type of messages sent in the group.

Message Type Analysis

Group Activity: A line chart of the type of messages sent in the group by hour.

Group Activity

Top Users: A table of the most active group members based on the number of messages they each sent to the group.

Top Users

No messages sent in the group!

Top Users Sent Messages: A bar chart analyzing the number of messages sent by top users by type of message

Top Users Sent Messages

No messages sent in the group!

Top Replied: A table contains the list of the most answered users in the group

Top Replied

Rank Name Total
#1 فاطمه 1

Top Channels: List of top channels whose message has been forwarded to the group

Top Channels

No messages forwarded from any channels!